Weekly announcements Nov 7th

Dear parents and cadets, we have many upcoming activities around Remembrance Day Ceremonies and Poppy Drives.

Cadets had the opportunity to signup for events during the training night tonight. If you were absent or didn't sign up, please use the signup feature on our website. You will have to sign-in to the website, and then follow the sign-up link: https://www.1westmontreal.com/activity-registration

If you have trouble using the form, you can also sign up by emailing 1westmontreal@gmail.com

Please try to sign up for at least one poppy session this weekend! We are still looking for people for tonight and Saturday especially!

Here is a summary of the upcoming activities, and the cadets who have signe up to date:

Place Kensington TODAY (November 8th)

Meet at Place Kensington at 13:30 in full uniform. Should be finished by approx. 3pm.

4430 Saint-Catherine St, Westmount, QC H3Z 3E4

FCpl Aloysuis Chan

FSgt Han Chen

FCpl Zachary Friedman

FSgt Adia Holder

Poppy drive (10 cadets/shift)  NDG = meet at NDG Legion (5455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC H4A 1Z7)

RMR = meet at RMR Armoury 

Thursday 8th November (1800-2100) RMR

Officer in charge: CI Shah

Cdt Ann Chen

Cdt Evelyn Liu

Cdt Gracie Mei

FCpl Enoch Tamale

Friday 9th November (1800-2100) RMR

Officer in Charge: CI Woods

Corporal Chen, Andrew

Flight Sergeant Chen, Han

Cadet Gwon, Jaeyong

Corporal Hou, Yue Xiang

Corporal Jin, Zekai

Corporal Li, Shuaichao

Cadet Rasolofoarimanana, Tommy

Flight Corporal Wang, Rui Yi

Warrant Officer Second Class Wen, Rou

Flight Corporal Yang, Sherry

Cadet You, Chang-il

Saturday 10th November    

NDG 0900-1200

Officer in Charge: TBC

Corporal Chen, Andrew

Flight Sergeant Lin, Xin Ya

Flight Corporal Tan, Ya Nong

Flight Corporal Wang, Catherine

Corporal Xiao, Ivy

Flight Corporal Yang Qui, Doddy

Cadet Han, Yue

RMR 0900-1300

Officer in Charge: TBC Flight Corporal Chan, Aloysius

Flight Sergeant Chen, Grace

Cadet Odihiambo, Nadia

Sergeant Wei, Agnes

Warrant Officer Second Class Wen, Rou

NDG 1300-1600

Officer in Charge: Mr. Kalavritinos (SSC)

Corporal Kalavritinos, Matthew

Flight Corporal Tan, Ya Nong

Cadet Wang, Jessica

Cadet Xu, Shumin Samantha

RMR 1300-1600

Officer in Charge: CI Caso

Cpl Yasmine Assi


Dress for all activities is full cadet uniform

For outdoor activities (poppy drive and Remembrance Day Parade) be sure to have warm socks, gloves and your cadet parka or warm civilian jacket

Commanding Officer's Parade:

Congratulations to the 105 cadets who were at the COs parade last night. They did a great job and looked very sharp!

CO's Parade, November 7th, 2018


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