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1 West Montreal Squadron was founded on the 24th of September, 1941 as the first of many Royal Canadian Air Cadet squadrons. The main purpose of its inception was to provide the Royal Canadian Air Force with pre-trained airmen in order to assist in the war effort overseas. Since then, the squadron and program as a whole have evolved into Canada's leading youth movement and providing Canadian youth with unique and valuable experiences. Royal Canadian Air Cadets, along with the Army Cadets and Sea Cadets, form the Canadian Cadet Organizations. The program is completely free and is supported by various civilian organizations and the Canadian Armed Forces. Cadets at 1 West Montreal have the ability to pursue their interests in aviation, music, survival training, aerospace, sports and fitness as well as many other fields. We train at the Royal Montreal Regiment Armoury in Westmount, QC. All training and correspondence at our squadron is in English.

The Air Cadet program has three goals which drive all training and activities. These goals are:

1. Develop strong leaders and good citizens

2. Promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle

3. Stimulate an interest in aviation

Facts about the Royal Canadian Air Cadets:

  • 454 Squadrons and over 26,000 cadets across Canada

  • 8 cadet ranks to progress through

  • Motto: "To Learn-To Serve-To Advance"

  • Patron: Her Excellency The Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada

  • 67% of commercial pilots began their careers as Air Cadet.

  • The program is administered by the Canadian Armed Forces, funded by the Department of National Defense, and supported by the civilian Air Cadet League of Canada. 

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